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Spring 2015 Class Schedule

Flow Yoga with Anna

Anna Drescher 

A vinyasa class that begins with flow and is followed by restorative postures to help calm the nervous systems, decompress from the day and relax the mind. Beginning with a steady flow series and slowly working into gentle hip openers and back bends with long, deep stretches. This is a steady but strong practice with an emphasis on moving the body with the breath. All levels welcome!


Vinyasa/Flow Yoga

Jill Phaneuf

This class is a rigorous, faster-paced class providing upper body strength and low-intensity cardiovascular benefits. All levels are welcome, but keep in mind this class will focus on sun-salutations, or surya namaskara, where the yoga practitioner will move up and down on their mats. Jill will also focus on leaning out your limbs and core and building core strength for a well rounded practice focused on flexibility and strength.


Beginner’s Yoga

Wendy Harper

If you’re just getting back into a yoga—whether recovering from injury or returning from a yoga hiatus, this classassists you in developing a safe personal to build awareness, flexibility and stamina. Wendy’s Beginner’sclass provides you with everything you need to begin a consistent practice, including breathing techniques (pranayama), standing poses (asanas), hip openers, forward bends, backbends, balancing postures, deep relaxation, and meditation instruction. This class is not the traditional Vinyasa-style, but it is a highly recommended complement to Vinyasa. Wear comfortable, stretchy clothing, and –of course-- be prepared to laugh, breathe, learn, strengthen and stretch all at the same time! 

Gentle Yoga - Sundays

Wendy Harper
Looking for calm, peaceful, place to practice to meet yourself right where you are? No matter what shape you are in, you can practice yoga and learn safe techniques to build proper body awareness, better posture, stronger bones, and more flexibility.  This practice will focus on a combination of slower yoga movement, meditation, and relaxation.